YeeCloud currently provides translation from Chinese to English, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and vice versa. If you can provide services in other languages, please call 400-119-8080.

Only certified translators are allowed to claim translation tasks in a certain language. First, you need to register for a YeeCloud account as a translator. After you finish the translation test and pass your audit and certification, unclaimed translation tasks will be shown in a list on the right side of your screen. You can click “Details” to view the original text, and simply click “Claim” to assign yourself to the task. If the list on the right side is blank, it means that there are no tasks to be claimed or no tasks in the corresponding language (English translators cannot browse translation tasks in other languages, and vice versa). (Please refer to the translator certification)

A. Since quality and reputation are vital to our company, please only claim tasks according to your ability;

B. Before translation, please learn the client’s requirements and carefully read reference materials;

C. Please complete the translation or review tasks assigned with both quality and quantity requirements fulfilled;

D. Please keep the format of original text. Be sure not to shift between .ppt and .pptx, .doc and .docx; otherwise, format incompatibilities will arise;

E. Please strictly follow the delivery time;

F. Please keep in touch and contact the project managers or director of the Localization Department in a timely fashion if any problems arise.

In order to ensure users can fully enjoy the punctuality and high efficiency of our “Quick Translation” service, please be sure to carefully read the translation before submitting it to avoid any spelling mistakes or grammar errors, otherwise no remuneration will be paid for that task. Cooperation will be terminated if the aforementioned mistakes occur more than three times.

In order to help users enjoy high-quality human translation service, YeeCloud provides certified translators with salary incentives generally higher than the industry average. Remuneration: 200 yuan/1,000 words from English to Chinese and 120 yuan/1,000 characters from Chinese to English; 240 yuan/1,000 words from French to Chinese and 150 yuan/1,000 characters from Chinese to French; 100 yuan/1,000 words from Japanese to Chinese and 150 yuan/1,000 characters from Chinese to Japanese; 100 yuan/1,000 words from Chinese to Korean and 150 yuan/1,000 characters from Korean to Chinese.

Remuneration occurs two months after the associated task, and will be paid only on the 15th day of each month (for example, remuneration for September will be paid on November 15.) Project managers and the director of the Localization Department will confirm with each translator their workload at the beginning of each month. If there are any discrepancies, please communicate with them promptly; otherwise, overpayments or shortages will not be settled until the following month.

YeeCloud will keep all translators’ personal information strictly confidential. Only project managers and assistants are qualified to collect translators’ information. In case strangers ask for your personal information, do not trust them without authentication. In case of special circumstances, please confirm with the director of the Localization Department or a project manager you are familiar with.

Please contact our online customer service personnel or call customer service hotline 400-119-8080 if you have any other problems.